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Burnt Ash Mantle Clock (SOLD)


Beautiful  Ash Mantle clock, plenty of character.  Thought I would attempt a different approach to this difficult to work wood, once I had almost finished the sanding I set fire to it then sanded it again and then covered it in a clear coat epoxy resin. English  Ash is tough and very strong and is often used to make bows and tool handles. I find it an unpredictable and difficult wood to work but worth the challenge as the finished product looks quite remarkable. Would make a great gift for any occasion.

This clock is finished in clear coat epoxy resin  and makes it almost maintenance free. Clock is  fitted with a quartz (almost silent) movement,  movements come with a  2 year guarantee from date of purchase.

Purchase price is inclusive of UK postage & packaging.

Height     28cm             11 inches

Length  – 38cm              15 inches

Width    – 4cm                1.5 inches

Weight    1.84 Kg          4 Lbs



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