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Reson-8 Art online training course

Delivered live over Skype direct to your home

Welcome to Reson-8 and our Reson-8 Art Online Training Course. This training is designed for most people, even those without any art experience, to quickly produce meaningful artwork under the tuition of a qualified master resin artist (see examples of students work shown here). This type of artwork, which is sometimes referred to as ‘fluid art’ because its liquid, and also referred to as ‘live art’, is an extremely interesting sphere of artwork as the resin continues to move and react long after it has been finished – adding to its fascination.

The purpose of this course is to:

  • Provide a basic introduction to the use of epoxy resin as an artwork form.
  • Enable the production of two Resin Art projects (pieces of artwork).
  • Reduce future resin failure.

Course cost, duration and delivery:

The course cost is £110.

Course duration and delivery: 3 hours, delivered via Skype to you directly in your own home workspace using your laptop, PC or tablet.


Phone:    07511-785691

Email:     reson8nr@gmail.com

View the trailer showing one of the two ‘pours’ that you will learn

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