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6 Day Resin Experience


6 Day Resin Experience is one of, if not THE most in-depth resin training course in the UK. During this course, you will learn how to make  a river coffee table, a slab resin coated coffee table, a rustic serving board, custom kitchen worktops, resin wall art, freestyle resin moulding, you will also learn how to calculate how much resin-paints-pigments to use for each project, you will use dyes, spray paints, acrylics and metallic finishing, you will also be given advice on what to charge for your work. All materials including wood for the tables, resins-coating & casting, paints, pigments, dyes, resin alcohols, PPE and daily light refreshments are provided within the course fee. You don’t have to bring anything apart from  as many questions as you like. Contact Norman for further details or visit our studio in Ellesmere Port to take a closer look at whet we do.


This is a new training course, undertaken due to the volume of requests to make river tables and similar resin tables.


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