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The Roll of Honour Scheme

The Roll of Honour Scheme

This scheme is now open to individuals and companies who are willing to sponsor ex service personnel.

In launching this scheme, we are fulfilling a long held aim – to help in any way we can in assisting ex UK military personnel who have suffered injuries or mental impairment because of their time in the forces.  Under this scheme we ourselves will continue to support the AFF (The Army Families Federation) and Forces Online. 

Resin art is a new form of artwork which, having achieved huge take up in the US is now  ‘trending’ in the UK. It does not require pre-existing creative skills.  We have successfully delivered 75 training modules to people from all over the UK in the last 12 months, and the results have been amazing, as will be seen from the images and testimonials above.

Individual sponsors (family and friends): we have already seen previous clients who have attended our training courses starting their own businesses – so sponsoring an ex services person will not only provide a sense of well-being and creative fulfilment but could also provide a foothold on the career ladder in civilian life.  Advice on the best ways to start a business, based on the experiences of previous trainees, will also be provided. Individual sponsors will be featured on our Roll of Honour wall – either a provided image or name and town/city.

Company sponsors: we would also encourage companies to sponsor any employees who are from ex-military backgrounds.  Even though these employees have been successful in gaining employment there could still be lingering after effects which the creative sense of achievement could help to dispel and, of course, for those whose work involves any element of creativity the courses could open up new ways of thinking.  Sponsoring companies would have their logos featured on our Roll of Honour wall.

To apply to sponsor either of the courses available (1 day Beginners Introductory or the 3 day Installer Workshop) simply fill in the details on the form below:

Examples of trainee’s work

Course details


The training will either be delivered at the Reson-8 facility in Ellesmere Port or it can be done in situ (in the trainees home – subject to health and safety checks and travelling expenses).  The training can be delivered 1 – 1 or to small groups – up to 10.

Duration and costs:

3 Hour beginners introductory training course – £110.00

3 Day installer workshop course – £350.00


Courses can be taken any day of the week or blocks of days – the only extra cost being a 10% addition for Saturdays and Sundays.

Health and Safety Exclusions:  in terms of injured trainees, they must be able to use their hands and arms; wheelchair users can be catered for. With regard to the mentally impaired – these persons must be accompanied by a carer or responsible adult.  All trainees will be required to complete a risk assessment form prior to starting the course; once received, if it is felt that their disability or impairment presents hazards which Reson-8 cannot safely overcome, then they will be advised accordingly.

Contact us via the form on the right or via the details below:

1 Huxley Court, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. CH66-1TF

Phone. 07511-785691

Email. reson8nr@gmail.com

Reson-8 offer two creative resin training courses. During each course, candidates will be required to mix (by hand stirring) resin & paints, use a heat gun or hairdryer. Assistance is available to undertake these tasks, should that be required. Our studio is wheelchair accessible and also equipped with either chairs on wheels or static chairs on legs. Washroom and WC facilities are located within the studio.