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Reson 8 resin art finishes

This tops the lot!

Reson-8 offers a completely bespoke service for people wanting unique and affordable kitchen/countertop, table top and door renewals as well as bespoke wall art.

  • This service uses high end materials and is customisable to your own colours and design – endless design and colour choices and the option to create your own natural or unnatural patterns.
  • The application is also durable – heat resistant up to 50c, non flammable, odour free and with no solvent content.

The cost savings are obvious and we illustrate below the results presented by the Reson-8 epoxy resin artwork applications.

We use Countertop epoxy resin to coat directly over existing countertops to give them an entirely new & refreshing look.

Metallic Epoxy Resin countertops are one of the hottest trends sweeping the USA in Residential, Commercial and Industrial uses. Epoxy Resin Art is able to turn the most boring worktop or countertop into a fabulous and pleasing area to work.

Typical uses;

  • Countertops/ Worktops
  • Coffee/Side & Dining Tables
  • Wall Hangings
  • Doors

Tabletops – doors – countertops

Completely transform any table, Door or worktop, use our design or your own. If you choose your own design we will do a free test piece just to ensure we’ve interpreted your design correctly.

Kitchen worktops – splashbacks:

Add character to your work area or home, we can also “furniture match” worktops and tables in the same room. Create your own design for your own furniture and make all pieces, talking points.

Copper worktop supplied and installed by Reson-8

Wall Hanging Pictures / art:

Again, using your own colours we can assist in creating wall art that is peculiar to your own mood or tastes. Please feel free to contact Norman at Reson-8 for further information / Advice.

Wall art manufactured by Reson-8

By choosing an Epoxy Resin surface you are paying low-end prices for high end materials and service. As this application is customisable to your own colours and design, you can now have furniture and wall art that reflects you as a person.

Customisable. Endless design & colour choices. Create your own Natural or Unnatural patterns.
Durability. Heat resistant up to 50 C, Non flammable, Odour free & has no solvent content.

Wall art manufactured by Reson-8

Before and after testimonial

Our table served us well as the children were growing but had seen better days.  We didn’t want to buy a new one and contacted Reson-8 to see what could be done – the rest of our kitchen worktops are grey and silver so we wanted colours that matched.  We gave reson-8 a worn and tired table and got back a masterpiece – the finish looks far better than the photo, we think the difference is quite unbelievable but captured what we wanted perfectly as we see something different every time we look at it’

Cath and Martin, Cheshire.

RESON 8 enquiry