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Health and safety – anti bacterial protection

Anti bacterial protection

We wanted to highlight the benefits of covering wood with epoxy resin, moreover in todays climate of virus & infections. All wood is porous, some more than others, and by being porous is able to attract bacteria more than materials that are not porous. Epoxy resin is not porous and therefore more difficult to attract bacteria. I believe that covering wood in resin is a preventative measure against the spread of germs and would consider using it on furniture where large numbers of people congregate or visit, and would also be of immense benefit to cover “touch points” such as door handles, around light switches, fridge doors, tables & chairs  as these are all in contact regularly by people and staff who serve our food, by protecting our furniture we can in a small way help to protect our customers. Many of the resins in use by Reson-8 are non toxic, odourless and non hazardous.